Ludo King featured on Android Developer. Success Story of an “Indian game gone global!”

Android Developer cherished Ludo King’s gigantic success as a mass entertainer not only in India but also around the world. The story recognizes the record break achievements of Mr. Vikash Jaiswal & Team Gametion with the creative and the entrepreneurial feats taking a traditional Ludo board game into millions of pockets via mobile phones.

A local game gone global!

Ludo board game has been a part of every Indian household. Played from ancient times masses always had an affinity towards Ludo. Ludo King made it available to each and everyone as a multiplayer mobile app. Players could play it from anywhere around the globe in real-time with each other. The multiplayer feature made it a true time-killing casual game that could be played anytime whenever boredom dawned upon one.

A Euphoric Mass Entertainment!

Ludo King entertained millions of people during the Covid lockdowns. The game saw a massive surge in traffic because of the multiplayer feature. It fulfilled the longing and the need for connection between families and friends during the period of strict isolation. This time period emphasized the importance of casual multiplayer game entertainment and also proved that simple but original ideas have the potential to grow into entertaining viral games. Ludo King crossed the milestone of a whooping 600+ million downloads in 2021 with about 30% traffic from outside India.

Perpetual Virality…

Considering Ludo King’s virality trends and its global expansion the game is expected to connect more players from untapped markets as Ludo is steadily getting popular in the west. A multiplayer app packed with super entertaining features makes Ludo King the only go-to app for online Ludo. Every newly added feature boosts the virality of the game extending its reach and the on-app timing. Ludo King sits in the league of Top 10 mobile game apps by downloads globally in 2021.

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