Bubble Shooter King – A thrilling journey of Heroism & Conquest!

In the space crowded with numerous casual games, Gametion Tech barges in with an interesting casual game “Bubble Shooter King” taking bubble shooting game fun to the next level. Bubble Shooter King was released on September 12th 2021 and is garnering the attention of bubble shooter game lovers globally.

Bubble Shooter King is being praised for its design aesthetics and game concept that have made it stand out from every regular bubble shooter game. The game is based on an engaging fictional narrative – a “rescue with heroism” journey.

Here is how it all began…Once upon a time, there existed a beautiful serene world of dogs – ” The Docoland” in which they dwelt peacefully with cute puppies playing and frisking around. One day Maya, the evil leader of a gang of wicked cats attack Docoland and invade it with violent destruction. The dogs are robbed of their dwellings and settlements and all is lost without a trace. Maya wants to rule Docoland with force. Maya captures the little puppies in bubbles and takes them away as hostages. Helpless and terrorized dogs ask the daring Blaze and Rocket to rescue the puppies from Maya’s captivity and save Docoland. Blaze and Rocket with their will and determination set out on a rescue mission to burst each and every bubble and free all the puppies bringing back the lost dignity of dogs and save their world!

Bubble Shooter King game has an arrangement of bubbles with several bubbles encapsulating puppies. The player has to burst all the bubbles along with the ones having puppies and free them. The game progresses through levels of increasing challenges of bursting the bubble arrangement and freeing the puppies with the given number of shooting bubbles.

Unlike regular bubble shooter games, Bubble Shooter King engages players in the theme of “Conquest over evil.” Players along with the two heroes Blaze and Rocket undertake a rescue mission that not only provides sensory satisfaction of bursting bubbles and obstacles but also gratifies them with a heroic accomplishment of defeating the cats and restoring the destructed world of dogs!

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Android: Bubble Shooter King

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