6 Things to do to make your home quarantine life easy

The critical time of the current pandemic has roused lots of fears and anxieties and has locked us in our homes. Self-quarantine is being taken seriously, which is necessary but at the same time, it is grabbing a big slice of life from your routine. The confinement to the house is testing your patience but it does not have to be boring and irritating. There are some activities for everyone to avoid the frustration of inactivity and seclusion from the world. Below are 6 of the many activities that you can engage your mind in this country-wide lockdown.   

Read the book that you have been longing to read

You have some literary likings and you have always wanted to spend some time reading your favorite book but your routine didn’t let you do that. Now is the time to read the book that you have been longing to read. The silences of the lockdown and the slowed lives have taken your activities down to only a few daily personal chores with minimal distractions. Till the time you are at home, you may finish your favorite book and fulfill your long-held wish of reading the book. 

Learn new recipes

If you are a foodie or this is a great time to awaken the chef in you. It can be a great past time if you have some foodie in your family. There are no limits to your palate provided you have ingredients available at your home. You have ample time to try food items from snacks to meal items to desserts and ice-creams. This is also a great way to have amazing times loved ones on the dining table with varieties of food and chatter. 

Play indoor board games

Since you are at home you are completely bereft of the outdoor activities. A big part of your entertainment is cut down but never mind, as you have indoor board games to your rescue. You have games like Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, and Carrom to play with your family that you will never get bored with. These games have been the favorite childhood games of every generation and are great entertainment and past time everywhere. If you don’t have these board games at home, the digital versions of these games Ludo King, Snakes & Ladders, and Carrom King for mobile phones are equally entertaining.  

Participate in papercraft with your kids

Kids are always interested in creative stuff like papercraft or “making things” out of paper or for that matter anything that comes to their hand. You can become a child and participate with your children in making some cool stuff like paper flowers or decorative stuff or anything that is possible. The creative feat will benefit your children and will help you in passing time without knowing it ultimately making your boring time productive. 

Watch your favorite Movies

Movies are central to our entertainment. Over the course of time, like everybody else, you may have developed a list of favorite movies that you haven’t watched for long. The plenty of time you have now is a perfect chance to binge-watch your favorite action thrillers, horror, or romantic comedies. You can repeat your favorite online OTT shows as well! A time to lean back, relax and recollect the time when some movie might have inspired you in the past! 

Learn meditation

The fast-paced life has robbed mental balance and equanimity from us. The silence of this home seclusion can be used to turn inward and learn meditation. Restarting your old practice of mindfulness or learning it afresh can benefit you in the future. A few minutes of meditation every day may change your life for the better yielding you results when you fall into your routine again after the lockdown ends. It is also a need of the day to stay alert and free from panic, and meditation will make you resilient to mentally face the crisis.  

Final word

The time has become bothersome and has also put you in unusual inactivity but it does not necessarily have to be distressing. This is the ideal time to spend with family, seeing old photos, getting nostalgic recreating old memories, and strengthening the bonds. Utilizing it for your favorite activities, entertainment, and recreation can make this passage easier, healthier, and happier! Stay Home, Stay Safe & Stay Entertained.

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