Cricket King: Best Sports Cricket Game of 2020

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Cricket is undeniably the most celebrated sport in India. The Cricket fever has influenced generations and still holds a huge fan base across all age groups. Gametion Technologies, after the huge success of Ludo King and Carrom King, had been planning to produce a Cricket mobile game as a part of its expansion into variety of trending mobile games. Cricket King happened with the thought of creating a simple one tap control, casual cricket game that would give passionate Cricket fans the fun of continuously batting great shots like their favorite cricketers.

Cricket King is a 2D casual Cricket game for all age group game players. An easy to play game, its graphics and audio-visual feel make it worth experiencing, to be played anytime whenever you are missing the fun of real Cricket. The player, that is you the batsman, is posed in a big cricket stadium full with the audience cheering  you up with every four and six. Cricket King is a truly lively experience giving the feeling of playing a real Cricket match exactly like your favorite Cricket player.  

Cricket King Game Modes

Cricket King has two modes – Online Multiplayer, and Challenge Mode

  • Online Multiplayer has 6 lobbies out of which the first 2 are open to play in. The next ones unlock successively at specified levels as the player goes on completing the levels. 
  • Challenge Mode gives players a score goal to be completed in the specified overs and wickets. 

Players can score good numbers and unlock bat kits to avail different bats with which the game becomes easy with successive bats and the changes of the player to score high increases. 

Very easy and fun batting with a simple one tap control. Players have to hit the ball to the side on the right. The lowest hit is on 1 and the highest hit is on 6. A moving pair of hands for catch wicket across the hit board add extra excitement to the game. 

Players can choose and play in the Avatar of their favorite players. 

The Online Multiplayer game has 6 lobbiels out of which the first 2 are kept open for all players. Players have to play the game and open the successive lobbies by earning the number of entry coins required to enter specific lobbies.

Players also get bat upgrades as they go on playing the game depending upon their score. The game gets more and more interesting by opening the successive bats.

Win online multiplayer matches and get featured on the leaderboard. 

Online multiplayer is a great mode to play with passionate cricket fans online. Players can compete with global players showing their batting skills online.

The challenge mode is a great single player, offline mode. The player has to meet the given target in the given number of overs under the allowed wickets.  

The entertainment value of Cricket King lies in its simplicity, graphical user interface, and the audio-visual effect making players feel they are literally in a cricket stadium. The game is expected to gather interest in this period of cricket fever as it is supposed to compensate for the lack of excitement they are seeking in their real sport interests.

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