Benefits of Playing Board Games Online

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Benefits of Board Games Online - Gametion

Board games historically emerged as a part of indoor entertainment and became very popular in the modern era. They created a healthy obsession and owned a place in the lives of householders in all the strata of society. Today, they are a good distraction that saves them from boredom and loneliness and gives everyone a happy time in the everyday hustle-bustle of busy lives. Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Carrom, Chess, etc. were some of the indoor board games that were played in different forms that were eventually standardized in the twentieth century. The digital revolution brought these games online on digital platforms; available for everyone and that’s how board games went global and popular than ever before.

Here are a few reasons why you should play board games online:

1) Board games sharpen your brain along with entertaining you

Board games are minimalistic with respect to space requirements and that is the reason they could be played anywhere by people of all ages. These games are fun to play and they also offer a lot of benefits. Regular playing of board games exercises the mental muscle improving the cognitive and competitive capabilities. Chess, for example, is a board game that requires strategy and it is known to develop intelligence. Carrom is another hit and pocket game that demands direction-perfect flicking capabilities. Snakes & Ladders is the most played game among children and even adults love it. It is as much of a fun game as it is a strategic game and many people are nostalgic over it as they have played it in their childhood. Ludo is another strategy board game that has been entertaining people for centuries. It is more thrilling because it requires a strategy to cope with the randomness of the dice and the unpredictable moves of the opponents. Ludo requires clever moves and positioning of pawns to save them from getting captured and moving ahead of competitors fast to win the game.

2) Board games improve attention span

Board games require attention and observation in order to win. They appear to be a very good exercise to train our minds to improve attention and lengthen attention spans. Board games when played without interruptions can improve concentration, observation and can also train us to lengthen the declining attention span in a world filled with digital distractions.  

3) Board games soothe anxiety

Board games give kids and teenagers an opportunity to resolve their anxieties by exposing them to fellow peers and helping them build interpersonal relationships. Since board games and especially their online versions are fun to play higher are the chances that anxious people engage in group plays and get out of the interpersonal awkwardness and low self-esteem eventually coming out of their stress and anxiety. 

4) They teach the value of teamwork

Board games can teach teens and kids the importance of collaboration or teamwork. Since board games have a play of randomness the players who play in teams can develop a better understanding of how to do effectively in teams. Teamwork is an important skill that everyone needs in their life and board games are a great start for kids to learn it.  

5) They show kids how to take loss sportingly

The thrill of board games lies in the randomness of the winning and losing situations. Winners are always happy but the losers with low frustration tolerance can suffer. Board games give everyone an opportunity to bear the loss and learn that loss has to be accepted sportingly that everyone is going to face every once in a while. Board games can teach to cope with the randomness of luck and failure.    

6) Board games connect people

Board games have always carried a lot of entertainment value in general but they are much more than just entertainment. Not to exaggerate, board games have brought people together. Families and friends play board games everywhere, even on occasions and gatherings. We often witness people gathering around and cheering a gripping board game happening on the streets. The amusement in the board games brought people together on enjoyably competitive fronts. They are equally enjoyable for the audience as they are for the players and that is the reason board games connected people and helped them maintain and strengthen amicable relations.

Online board games are no different in providing fun and enjoyment except that they are now in the pocket of every person and with them, people can entertain themselves anytime, anywhere. Along with playing while waiting in queues, or during the break hours, people can be seen playing Ludo or Carrom mobile games in groups while commuting to work in trains and buses. That definitely tells us that board games still connect people and help them keep up amiable human bonds in a fast-paced life.

Here are some of the online board games you can try: 

Ludo King

Ludo King is a free mobile game – a digital version of Ludo played by more than 250 million users across the globe. The top feature of the game is its online multiplayer mode in which players can compete with real-time random people present globally. 

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Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is another old game that had been widely played in the Indian household. It is a dice game that has a thrill of unpredictability and a race of taking the tokens home. The Ludo King app has Snakes and Ladders as a complimentary game with Ludo King as nearly every Ludo player is also fond of Snakes and Ladders. 

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 Carrom King:

Carrom King is a digital Carrom game similar to the striker and pocket physical carrom board game. It follows the internationally recognized rules for Carrom and has an online multiplayer mode in which players can compete with people present globally in real-time.

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