Ludo King smashes it up with a big “Themes and Missions” update

Ludo King Themes

Amid great hype when Ludo King game excitement showed no limit Gametion has brought a major update that is bound to make the digital ludo experience more fun than ever. Ludo King captured its place in the gaming market by storm in 2017 and gave every generation more fun than the traditional Ludo game digitally, now its time to step up further and get ready to experience a completely
a different world with Ludo King.

Taking Ludo King experience to the next level

The creative team at Gametion had been continuously upgrading the game but its for the first time they have introduced interesting themes that will enhance the Ludo experience by making the players play the game in different world settings and gaming mood worlds. The team wanted to become creative and give the Ludo board and its surrounding space a look and feel that would take the player into a whole new world not just visually but also with sound. How would a person playing Ludo King while wandering in the woods or in a green garden feel? The team thought of blending an audiovisual experience with a board interface resembling a lush green a garden world where the player would get an experience of sitting in isolated greenery playing Ludo King in solace with nature.

The fun in the new Ludo King Themes

Nature Ludo King theme

“Nature” is one of the themes that entwines soothing greenery and the sounds of nature with a Ludo board of pavement blocks that gives a verdant experience while playing Ludo. “Egypt” theme takes you back to the dawn of the oldest civilization with the stone Ludo board in the ancient Egyptian style with their hieroglyphics carved on it for giving players the mystical feel Egypt is known for. Similarly, three more themes have been released namely Disco, Pinball and Cake & Candy that is designed to give specific audio-visual feels of being in the places or enjoying those specific things while playing Ludo.


Egypt Ludo King Theme

The themes are to be unlocked by playing missions and are not given through direct access. Players have to start playing missions and respective themes will unlock after crossing the given number of missions for each theme. The next missions will be played on theme unlocked by the previous missions. The themes will be played in the Online Multiplayer Mode only. The newly released themes are namely Nature,
Egypt, Pinball, Disco, and Cake&Candy. Ludo King fans can expect a new joy in playing the game with the new themes that will open a new audio visual-world for them. They can enjoy their favorite themes with interesting pawns and dices and the overall design of the Ludo board.



A glance at how to play the new Ludo King missions and unlock the themes:

Ludo King has come up with a big update that adds to the fun of playing the game with interesting Ludo boards and interface designs that resemble different attractive settings. For example, the "Nature" theme has a Ludo board in the form of pavement blocks embedded in a natural setting of grass vegetation and a natural green world with sounds of nature. Similarly, other themes like Egypt, Disco, Pinball, and Cake & Candy take you in specific ambiance or mood while playing Ludo gives you the feel of specific places or time.
Missions are the game levels designed in the recent update along with the themes. You unlock new themes as you go on taking and winning the missions.
Click on the small mobile phone icon on the left side of the game selection section. It will take you to the Themes/Missions section. Choose the first theme by tapping on it and it will open a Mission. You have to win three missions each successive one having a time period larger than the previous one (the first one starting with 6 hours). Once you complete the 3 missions you will unlock the respective theme. Later you will have to play missions on that theme to unlock the next successive theme.
1. You see a progression scale on the left of the primary game selection section that indicates the theme at the top with the Crown Number and the 0/3 number on the scale indicates the number of missions crossed for that theme.  2. When the mission is in progress you see the completed levels of the respective mission in the Themes/Missions section below the themes. For example, if you see 1/3 it tells you that you have won 1 one of the 3 missions for that respective theme.  3. Lastly, you get a crown with every theme you unlock through missions in the game selection section as well as inside the game near your dice. The number of crowns you get indicates the number of themes you have unlocked hence showing your progress.
The time countdown is seen at the bottom in the Themes/Missions section after you select a mission before you start the game. It begins with 6 hours for the first mission and goes on increasing as the game progresses.
You can extend the time for the mission by exchanging Diamonds for extra time. You can extend it for up to 5 times with diamond exchange.

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9 thoughts on “Ludo King smashes it up with a big “Themes and Missions” update

  1. Jamal khan

    The missions are a bit difficult to crack while unlocking themes. The themes are interesting. Please make the game easy.

    1. Editor Post author

      Dear Jamal. We would like to tell you that the game with missions is really the same as regular Ludo King game. The difficulty level is same and the dice is random. You can expect results by improving your game strategy. Have a nice time playing Ludo king with new themes!

  2. Hari simgh

    Ludo king is very funny game. The themes are nice the nature theme gives a feeling of nature and greenery.

    1. Zain

      I love to play this game this is one of my favorite game ever….i really love themes also thank you so much…i really appreciate to all ludo king team who create such a Nice Game……thank you soo much guys…

  3. Zain

    I love to play this game this is one of my favorite game ever….i really love themes also thank you so much…i really appreciate to all ludo king team who create such a Nice Game……thank you soo much guys…

    1. Editor Post author

      Thank you for your kind feedback. We are glad you and your family are enjoying #ludoking game.


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