Carrom King: Now more fun with the updated Carrom game

Carrom King

Carrom King –  the digital version of the most celebrated game in India has now come up with an update that makes it more interesting and fun to play. The exciting journey of Carrom King has led to a more user-friendly and enjoyable digital carrom game. The improved controls, optimized interface and an added feature to play online with players globally called the Online Multiplayer mode make Carrom King the most favored games of Carrom lovers. The team at Gametion Technologies had been working constantly on improving and optimizing player experience with the audio-visual feel. Without much structural change, the game now has efficient flicking controls and high-speed operation.

What is new in the updated Carrom King?

The recent update has been brought to make the interface of the carrom board aesthetically pleasing and for improving the flicking mechanism to make the aiming and flicking easy and comfortable. Now a new position controller is given for positioning the striker towards left or right for flicking a coin. The flicking only requires placing a finger on the striker and pulling it back to release it and choosing the flicking direction by rotating the finger with the striker as a pivot.

Carrom King can be played in 4 modes!

Carrom King

The 4 modes are as follows:

1. Online Multiplayer

Online Multiplayer mode lets players play with real people online present across the globe. This mode requires a high-speed mobile data connection and your readiness to compete with players online. Online multiplayer connects you to a player present online and you share a common game with them depending upon your choice of Black or White or Freestyle modes. The rules of the game are same those of the international carrom game only with the difference that this is a digital carrom game which you can play with real players online.

2. Trick Shots

Trick Shots is a mode in which a single player has to pocket coins placed in different arrangements on the board within the given time. They are basically levels that get increasingly difficult with the increase in the number of coins. The successive levels are unlocked depending on the number of stars acquired by playing the previous levels. This mode is called trick shots mode because it requires good flicking tricks to cover all the levels in the given time. This mode serves as a practice provision for beginners and also for those who do not wish to play with computer or real player online. This mode does not need an internet connection to play.

3. Versus Computer

Versus Computer is a mode that lets a player play against a computer bot. This mode also has two options – Black or White and Freestyle. The rules of the game remain the same as that of the online multiplayer with the only difference that the player plays with a computer bot. The versus computer mode does not need an internet connection and may be played in the absence of one. It can also be played with if one does not want to play with a real player online. There is no time limit in this mode and can be played with leisure.

4. Pass and Play

Pass and Play is a mode in which two players physically present together can play carrom on the single interface. It is similar to playing different carrom games like “Rupaya Paisa” on the traditional board game where every player gets a turn when the opponent loses a to pocket a coin. The standard carrom rules apply to this mode and it does not require an internet connection to play. This mode also has 2 sub modes – Black or White and Freestyle.

Carrom King

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